working notes

Baseball is not even an Olympic sport anymore. 2004 was the second-to-last time it was. I think they got rid of it because it is ethnocentric. Anyways my college era girlfriend went to Greece one summer when we were still sort of dating and brought me back this, which is either a postcard or stickers or both. It has some kind of authenticity hologram on it. I am no longer on speaking terms with the (ex) girlfriend in question because of some comment I made about class prerogatives over frozen yogurt in either 2010 or 2011. (Cuba won the gold medal in 2004)

This is a 4 x 6 snapshot of Hall of Fame baseball player Eddie Murray embracing a random white kid and holding a pool cue. I am not the white kid, nor am I the native American guy in the background. I found this in a random pile of papers during my short time working as a reporter/intern at Billiards Digest magazine, which was a very boring job. This photo is really the only thing I took away, literally, from my four months there.

This is a Golden State Warriors wool hat, sized way too big for any normal sized head, vintage 1995-ish, purchased out of a discount bin at #1 Sporting Goods at Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted, Ohio. This was around the time that the Warriors were vaguely attractive as a franchise, because of Chris Webber and Joe Smith. This was well after Run TMC but before Sprewell choked out PJ Carlisemo. I really like Sprewell and will still make apologies for him to this day. He was an entertainer.

This is a Freddy Sanchez jersey t-shirt, purchased at the Waterfront in Homestead outdoor shopping mall/retail complex in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for reasons not entirely understood by myself. I was in Pittsburgh visiting a friend and we were either killing time before seeing Planet Terror/Death Proof at the multiplex, or just killing time period. I was then and am now already too old to be killing time. Time is killing me. Freddy Sanchez was either the reigning NL batting average champ or one year removed from that honor, and therefore, in the days before the arrival of Andrew McCutchen and other dudes, basically the only thing resembling a star on the Pirates roster, which said more about their roster than it did about Sanchez’s proximity to stardom. If you are not a large male, this is probably too big and should be turned into a pillowcase or car-washing rags or something. But know that I wore it like seven times under my work shirts and felt some very mild form of good will toward the Pirates, or rather, their fans and the idea of the Pirates.

This is a Corey Hart jersey t-shirt, purchased at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during an Indians-Angels regular season baseball game that was moved to Milwaukee because of snow. I drove up with some friends from Chicago to see the Indians. CC Sabathia pitched. This was the last time I saw him pitch for the Indians before they traded him, somewhat unaccountably, to the Brewers, and got back a bunch of magic beans. The Miller Lite at Miller Park tasted really good. I am assuming it was fresher since there is a Miller brewing facility across the street from the stadium. I don’t know why I bought this. I wanted to buy something. I wore this shirt a lot for two years but then it fell out of the regular rotation for reasons I am still not clear on.

This is a Hamilton Tiger-Cats Canadian Football League t-shirt, vintage I don’t know, which somehow made its way to Village Discount Thrift at 4898 N. Clark in Chicago IL, where I purchased it at some point in the summer of 2005. I was housesitting, after a fashion, with a different post-college-era girlfriend. This is a really, really good t-shirt. It is sort and the screenprinting or whatever you call that stuff is reassuringly heavy. It wears nice. I wore it a lot for six years. It is my gift to you. Wear it or give it to the XL sized human in your life.

This is a Midwest league all-star game baseball autographed by Hank Conger. I told Hank Conger that he was on my minor league bench in a keeper-league fantasy baseball team and he told me “I don’t even want to know what kind of league that is” because he was 19 yrs old and in Double A at that point. I later cut him and am not even in that league anymore. Hank Conger is on the Angels now, and not that bad. He’s Korean-American.

This is a button with Shawon Dunston’s face on it. No further explanation needed

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