a poetic tract of its time

names of non-pharmaceutical male enhancement pills sold at Jun’s 24-hr fruit and vegetable b.k.a the bodega at NE corner of 50th st and 5th avenue, Brooklyn, USA:

STREE OVERLORD (i think this is supposed to say STREET OVERLORD


[Something in Arabic with a green ant as the logo]

i go to this bodega on average one time per week. it smells bad and the dudes who work there are super grumpy. it smells like bleach and dried fish, which is because they probably bleach the floor and not-probably sell dried fish, piled next to shitty hispanic-market sandwich cookies on one of the islands of shelves otherwise occupied by produce that is basically whispering “i am five minutes away from being spoiled” in a husky voice.

they sell milk, but only whole milk. one time i bought rice milk here because i was desperate for something to consume cereal with, but the container was weird and lumpy/beat-up and i took it upon myself to not ever buy rice milk from the koreans again. the only things i have purchased from this bodega are: cashews, dried fruit (apricots, sugared mango shards, sugared papaya shards), pre-sliced pineapple in plastic tray/clingwrap with plastic fork included, fruit salad (same serving style), diet coke, seltzer, bags of dirty, half-inedible roasted peanuts, extralegally repackaged three-packs of fun size Carlos V chocolate bars.

Carlos (Charles) V, Holy Roman emperor, king of many other countries, ruled over a lot of people/land/chocolatiers and as a result was presumably so rich that any chocolate he ate or lent his name to would probably be pretty good chocolate. I have no idea if Nestle pays residuals to the heirs of the house of Habsburg for use of his name.

One time I was buying dried mango and a soda and I felt like this drunk mexican guy pretty clearly cut in front of me in line, but the grumpy korean dude didn’t notice or care or both. I was annoyed and left without my mango/soda and didn’t go back for a while.

This has been “random shit I thought about while buying pineapple slices an hour ago”

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