(i bought a coat) b/w baby we’re really in love

i googled "magic coat"
i google-img-src’d “magic coat” and found this and used the heat map filter &c

I was super reluctant to get rid of my old coat because wearing it reminded me of buying it, an experience which had made me feel like an expert at being an adult. It was the first really cold winter day after I got sober/back to reality in October 2008. The realness of the cold impressed itself upon me while I was walk in the beau monde in an suboptimal junk-y coat I had probably bought at Village Discount and probably made me look like a potato. I went into Belmont Army Navy and bought a parka, probably using a credit card, and stuffed my thrift-store jacket in a trash can on milwaukee and got busy living. I still looked a little bit like a potato but a slick tactical potato with ripstop fabric and a dope camo lining.

RIP tactical potato coat, 2008-2013

(it’s not really dead I’m just not going to wear it when I am trying to not look like a poor)