28 sentences

my dudes sam and alex and i do this circular email where we write one sentence. it’s not linked into a narrative or really connected. these are 28 of my sentences, in the order in which they occurred. most are just things i thought of, some are from pieces i am trying to write in my brain and or on paper.

  • I feel like my brain is growing moss.
  • Money is a mean kind of language.
  • He stared at girls the same way some people stared at pictures of cats on the internet–a curious blend of compulsion and indolence.
  • Nobody ever wants to acknowledge that the world is made up of people just like them.
  • In hindsight it was selfish of previous generations to hog the Enlightenment.
  • I felt stale and at odds with myself for weeks, but then I bought a new duvet cover.
  • A few hundred times each year, the community assembles to don licensed apparel and scream at someone’s sons or daughters as they play a glorified version of hopscotch.
  • Humanity has really lost touch with the mercy killing, as far as species-wide manners go.
  • There is no sign, no border checkpoint between the country of your pathologies and of your personality. The dirt just quietly shades another color.
  • Emotions are not clean fuels.
  • There was a permanent kink in his neck from peering over his shoulder.
  • His ears were slightly cauliflowered, not from rugby or wrestling or boxing but just because his blood pumped too much too hard too heavy.
  • There’s ships that pass in the night, and then there’s ships that collide in the night.
  • Her teeth glowed like a backlit screen.
  •  A black rubber river carried the rejected merchandise toward Fisher’s weary arms: vacuum cleaners, dresses, sea salt, books, shoes.
  • I had a phase where I ate a lot of venison, on some misguided belief it would bring me closer to mother earth.
  • Coming to terms with my particular consumerist death trip is a lifelong process.
  • We used up our allotment of just wars.
  • Everyone everywhere is choking on history and they don’t even seem to mind.
  • What were people nostalgic for before we had nothing to worry about?
  • Cities live and die on a different schedule from human lives, like owners outliving pets.
  • We’re fucking up outer space just like we fucked up regular space–zooming to natural boundaries and then backfilling with weakly hopeless suburbs.
  • If we’re going to build utopia it’s going to have to be a market-driven, individual-consumer-driven process.
  •  I can totally understand that there are different breeds of humanity and that your breed cares a lot about $400 jeans but I can also understand fuck you get away from me.
  • Maturation is not an irreversible process.
  • Jesus wasn’t a very specific guy.
  • I hold on to the dying embers of relationships like ticket stubs. There’s a drawer full of them in my mind.
  • I forgot which one of us was the puppet and which was the hand.

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