partial list of Ray & Dave Davies’ enemies, 1966–1973

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 1.24.34 PM

Naggin’ women
Well-respected men
Dedicated follower(s) of fashion
The girl who is always talking when I’m speaking on my party line
People who own houses in the country or other exclusive real estate properties
Queens of darkness
Everybody else/people like everybody else
Mr. Reporter(s)
Mister Pleasant(s)
You/you all
Cigarette smokers
David Watts
The sun
Queen Victoria
Mr. Churchill
Authority figures in general
People who wear uppity hats
Labor unionists
People in grey
Plastic men
Trains not powered by steam
Your/their younger, sexier sibling who lives in the city with his/her smart young friends
Aristotle-Aquinas conception of time
Bright city lights

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