cahiers du tuscaloosa

as mentioned in a several years stale post i try my best to keep a record of every movie i watch in a theater. i do not know why i feel compelled to do this but i’m doing it, so that’s a kind of default explanation. unless otherwise stated all movies i saw in 2018 were at the janky cobb multiplex in tuscaloosa.

  • 01/22/18 Den of Thieves (feel I should say a word in my own defense here; you’ll notice maybe starting with Den of Thieves that my movie attendance suddenly got less discriminating. the fault lies not with me but with my decision to get MoviePass)
  • 01/24/18 Darkest Hour
  • 01/26/18 The Shape of Water
  • 01/31/18 Phantom Thread (Carmike Lee Branch somewhere in the outer darkness of BHM)
  • 02/06/18 Coco still the best movie i have seen in 2018
  • 02/07/18 Hostiles sort of good but possibly also sort of bad
  • 02/10/18 The Post bourgeois bedtime story / elegantly arranged bullshit
  • 02/16/18 Black Panther
  • 03/03/18 Game Night
  • 04/13/18 A Quiet Place why would you get pregnant again after the rise of the murder aliens whose heads are a giant ear, Jim from the Office?
  • 04/14/18 Isle of Dogs
  • 05/04/18 Avengers blah blah Infinity War inert technological wank
  • 05/15/18 Zama (Harris Theater, Pittsburgh PA)
  • 05/25/18 Solo: A Star Wars Story (Stadium 10, Durham NC)
  • 06/02/18 Upgrade the blade runner ass mark zuckerberg epigone who plays with hologram weather. also the guy who sneezes nano weapons
  • 06/12/18 Victoria & Abdul (Bama Theatre) excruciating and problematic, not in the same way at the same time. for garrison keillor fans except swap in racism for sex pesting
  • 06/23/18 Superfly  An earnest and legitimate B-movie which offered some extreme pleasures and much more tedium; all of the best parts involve the bad guy gang named SNOW PATROL and the very best parts involve the leader of SNOW PATROL crashing his lambo into a confederate monument and dying in the ensuing fireball, don’t worry, it’s not really the kind of thing you can spoil
  • 07/03/18 Sicario 2 Day of the Soldado  I don’t know why they didn’t stick with either spanish or english entirely for the subtitle. This movie is a vaguely reality flavored neo western about tuff stuff but benicio del toro’s persistence as a guy who does not actually try to act but it someone become acting through an alchemy of expectations and circumstance … i don’t know where this is going but i’m ok with it
  • 07/19/18 Sorry to Bother You
  • 07/29/18 Mission Impossible Part 6
  • 08/11/18 BlacKkKlansman 
  • TK

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