re: biographicals

or, the time I almost died

This blog used to be called and is still called in some spiritual sense “no coast offense.” A no coast offense (n.) is an magical-realist American football offensive scheme where every play is 3rd and seven, and every play call is a five-yard out route that the quarterback throws into the ground at the feet of the receiver, who is not open and/or would have dropped it anyway. I don’t know why I chose this slightly broken football joke as an internet sobriquet circa 2008 but I also don’t know any good reason to unchoose it, so here we are. (shorter: west coast offense : no coast offense :: high brow : no brow.)

My actual name is Pete Beatty. I am a writer and editor. I’ve worked for the University of Chicago Press, Bloomsbury USA, Open Road Media, Belt, and many other places, including a driving range behind a Dairy Queen and a liquor store in Chicago. I’ve taught at Kent State University and am currently a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Alabama. I also write + edit for my own self. I am from Berea, Ohio, and lived in Chicago for a long time,  in Brooklyn for nearly as long, in Cleveland for a year, and now in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

You can reach me at ptbeatty [at] gmail [dot] com.


Northeast Ohio
0. Middleburg Heights (I was a baby, I don’t know if I got mail)
1. Berea I + Strongsville interlude (twelve years)
2. Berea II (four years)

Chicago I
3. Woodlawn (two years)
4. Hyde Park I (two years)
4a. Hyde Park II (one summer)
5. Palmer Square (eight months)

Manhattan and Kings counties, New York
6. Cobble Hill (a month)
7. The lower upper east side (three months)

8a*. Pilsen I (three months)
8b*. Hyde Park III (six months)
9. Andersonville (three months)
10. Hyde Park IV (two and a half years)
11. Little Village (five months)
12. Pilsen II (one month)

Queens and Kings counties, New York
13. Woodside (two months)
14. Crown Heights (three months)
15. Bushwick (nine months)
16. Sunset Park (four years eight months)

17. Edgewater (one year one month)

18. Northport (four months)
19. Tuscaloosa I (two months)
20. Tuscaloosa II (three years six months)
21. Tuscaloosa III (ongoing)